Awesome Clearwater  
People enjoying Clearwater's awesome beach - swimming, boating, strolling, sunbathing . . .

Clearwater Beach

Known as the "Best Beach Town in Florida" for its awesome beach, things to do and places to stay.


  • Beautiful, soft, white sand.
  • Gulf of Mexico is calmer and warmer by comparison to the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.
  • Except for parking, no access fees.
  • Cabanas, chairs and sun umbrellas for rent.
  • Volleyball nets are freely available.
  • Lifeguards on duty in the main area during day - check hours.
  • Restrooms and beach showers available.
  • Nice children's playground near Pier 60.
  • Pier 60 sunset festival each night.
  • Beautiful promenade beach walk.
  • Many casual restaurants, bars, gift and ice cream shops.
  • Wide choice of hotels, resorts and vacation rentals.
  • Kayak, SUP, Jet ski and parasailing rentals available north of Pier 60.
  • Clearwater takes good care of its natural resources and really keeps this place clean.
  • See our galley for more pictures.

Cabanas and Beach Umbrella Rentals

Canbana, beach chair and sun umbrellas are available for daily rent. Most are handled by the same company along the beach and have the same rental prices.

A few hotels offer their own rentals with varying prices. Look for signs at the beach entry points for current pricing. Pricing for hotel rentals can be found near their respective hotels.

To rent any of the cabanas or chairs, simply occupy any that are not in use. Someone representing the rental service will stop by for the fee. None of the rentals can be reserved in advance. They are all first come, first served.

Cabana and umbrella rental prices on Clearwater Beach image
Cabana and umbrella rental prices

Beach chair and umbrella rentals on Clearwater Beach image
Beach chair and umbrella rentals

Cabana rentals on Clearwater Beach image
Cabana rentals

Clearwater Beach Things To Do

Wow! There are so many things to do besides just "hanging out" at the beach. Explore or fish on Pier 60. Join the Pier 60 Sunset Festival. Play volleyball on the beach. Go parasailing, jet skiing, paddle boarding or any of the many boating excursions available from the marina.

Pier 60

A well-built concrete pier extends 1,000 feet into the Gulf and offers excellent strolling, viewing and fishing. The outer half of the pier is gated and requires a fee to access. The daily fee is tiered for those who will fish versus those who just want to stroll and watch. Fishing equipment and bait is available at the pier bait and tackle shop.

Clearwater Beach Marina

The nearby marina offers a huge variety of boating excursions, rentals and charters including dolphin watching, inshore and offshore fishing, speed boat rides, parasailing, jet ski rental and much more.

Nearby Sand Key Park

Immediately to the south and on the other side of Clearwater Pass is an awesome beach-park. Sand Key continues the string of barrier islands on the West Coast of Florida. The 65-acre Sand Key Park includes picnic grounds, a pet walk and another beautiful, white sandy beach.

Honeymoon Island

Another popular park just north of Clearwater in Dunedin. This beach-island is not groomed like Clearwater, but it is considerably more natural. In addition to beaches, there are hiking trails, picnic grounds and a bike path.

Pet Friendly beaches

Many of us enjoy taking our pets (mostly dogs) to the beaches too! Understandably, not everyone enjoys sharing their beaches with our furry friends. Fortunately, there are a number of beaches in the area that are open to sharing the beach experience with our pets.

Cabana and umbrella rentals on Clearwater Beach
Cabana and umbrella rentals

Young adults playing volleyball on the soft sand at Clearwater Beach
Volleyball game

Overlooking Pier 60 and Clearwater Beach
Overlooking Pier 60

The beautiful, winding Beach Walk at Clearwater Beach
Beach Walk