Awesome Clearwater  

Clearwater Pet Friendly Beaches

Looking for a place to enjoy a little sun and cool off with your best friend?  Try one of these pet friendly shores.

Honeymoon Island Pet Beach
Causeway Blvd, Dunedin

Pets are allowed in all parts of the park including picnic areas, however they must remain on a leash no longer than 6 feet long.  A special area is designated for you and your pet.  There is a fee for entry to this park and it varies depending upon the number of people.

Davis Island Dog Park
Severem & Martinique Avenues, Tampa

Dogs can safely roam free in this dog park. It is fenced on three sides with the water making up the fourth side with shallow water and a rock lined shore.

Although Pinellas County boasts many dog parks and many parks that allow dogs, please be careful not to allow your dog to swim in freshwater lakes as many of them contain alligators who would love to feast on your pet.

Fort De Soto Paw Playground
3500 Pinellas Bayway, Tierra Verde

This public place has a fenced dog park fully equipped with firehydrants, showers and water fountains for your dog.  The play area is fenced into two sections for small and large dogs.  Your pet may run free as long as it is in voice command and don't forget to clean up after your pet.

1.5 mile area on the St Petersburg side of Gandy Bridge

This area is a mixture of beach and mangroves with a wading area that extends for 20 feet or more before the water gets deep.  It's best to keep dogs leased due to the lack of a fence and the traffic on Gandy Blvd.  This can be a good place for a family outing if you want to your grill, camper, tent, kayak or boat.