Awesome Clearwater  

Clearwater Information Resources

Following are several websites, information bureaus and governmental agencies for additional resource data.  The city has gone a long way in making information about the city available to the public through several means.  

City Website is the city's Official website.  This site is an excellent source about the city, services, activities and the government.   If also offers the latest news, announcements, contact information, job openings and projects.   Every city department is extensively covered to give a clear overview of services.

Chambers of Commerce

There are two chambers of commerce, which have visitor’s information centers at their offices.  With a strong membership, the Regional Chamber of Commerce is a premier business association for the region. Their mission is: "To enhance economic growth in the Clearwater region by focusing on the development of our members in the business and tourist communities." Their official website is

The Beach Chamber of Commerce has several hundread members.  Besides furthering the business interests of its members, the chamber is also engaged in a range of fundraising and volunteer activities to support several civic, charitable, governmental, and cultural needs of the city.  Many of the local business leaders who are part of the chamber volunteer their time and resources to develop business, organizational affairs, tourism, community projects and public relations.  Similar to the Regional Chamber of Commerce, the Beach Chamber of Commerce also maintains a public information unit at its chamber office premises.  Website: