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List your Clearwater-Area Activity, Event or Festival on   It's a free service for the benefit of both our visitors/locals and the Clearwater area.   Use this Submission Form to provide the information for your listing.

Following are explanation of the fields found on the submission form:

Required fields

Name - name of Activity, Event or Festival.

Address or Location - street and city Address  -   or, if this is an activity/event without specific street address, describe the Location - examples: Pier 60; on Clearwater Beach near/behind specific hotel; Coachman Park.

Category - select most appropriate category of your activity from drop down list.  Note: "Activity" is differentiated from "Event" and "Festival" by considering "Activity" as on on-going activity without specific date(s).  Examples: Captain Memo's Pirate Cruises and Clearwater Marine Aquarium.   "Events" and "Festivals" have specific dates.

Description - describe activity, event or festival.  Limit to 3 lines.  This will be included with listing.

Optional fields

Phone - phone number or contact for further information.

Website - website address (URL) related to activity.

Date(s) - for Events or Festivals.

Comments - additional information or clarification, but not for inclusion on listing.

Your email - your email address if we need to contact you for further information.

URL to Logo or image  - if you wish to include a logo or image with listing, put the website address that points to the logo or image to be used.  If necessary, describe further in comments.